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Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Protects You and Your Employees

It’s important to have insurance protection if you own a business. Along with your property, commercial auto, and business liability insurance, workers’ compensation is a must for most companies in California.

Workers’ compensation (aka workers’ comp) was created to help employees who are injured on the job, whether they cannot work temporarily or for the rest of their lives. It also protects you as a business owner because those workers and their families won’t need to sue for expenses that workers’ comp covers, including:

  • Emergency and acute injury care
  • Medical disability and disability case management
  • Long-term nursing and life care
  • Physical and vocational rehabilitation
  • Prescription drug costs
  • Legal expenses

Without workers’ comp coverage, you are leaving your business open to greater legal risk. This doesn’t just affect you as the owner; it means all your employees are at risk if you have to close your doors because of a lawsuit.

If you’re trying to recruit and retain employees, having a solid workers’ comp plan shows you appreciate your workers and stand ready to protect them. It makes you look more professional within your industry and telegraphs that you take running your business seriously.

Our Independent Agents Are Pros When It Comes to Workers' Comp Coverage

To learn more about workers’ comp policies, feel free to reach out to our independent agents at Mark Jackson Insurance Agency. We are experts at helping California business owners find the right policy for their unique situation.

Call us at 714-779-2629 or get in touch online with your questions. We can start a quote for you today and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing both your employees and your business are protected.