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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Insurance for Your Unique Vehicle

When you own a classic car or truck, regular auto insurance isn’t enough to protect it. Classic car insurance was created to cover the special circumstances of owning a collector car.

How do you know if classic car insurance is right for you?

  • Your vehicle is at least 25 model years old.
  • It’s a replica of an older vehicle.
  • It’s an old military, fire, etc. vehicle.

Some new exotic cars also qualify for collector insurance because of their one-of-a-kind nature.

What Classic Car Insurance Covers

Classic car insurance covers all the elements of a regular auto insurance policy, with a few special conditions. The biggest difference is that the value of your vehicle is agreed upon at the start of the policy. There is no depreciation factored in the event of a claim.

You do not need to have your vehicle appraised, and you will appreciate the low deductible. You’ll get coverage for California-required liability, collision, and comprehensive, meaning you are protected if you are at fault in an accident or if your vehicle is damaged or lost to fire, storms, theft, or vandalism. These policies usually include spare or hard-to-find replacement parts coverage too.

Your coverage is good as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You keep the vehicle in an enclosed and locked location.
  • It’s not your primary mode of transportation, but it's used for occasional outings, exhibitions, and the like.

We discuss all that with you when you select your policy so you understand how it all works.

A Different Level of Service with Independent Agents

Insuring a classic car requires thoroughness and care. You’ll find that and more with our independent agents at Mark Jackson Insurance Agency. We provide more personalized service than you will find with big companies, and we have more options to work with every type of collector vehicle and budget.

Call us today at 714-779-2629 to learn more, or send us a message online to start a quote for you now.