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Condo Insurance

from Mark Jackson Insurance Agency

Condo Insurance

Specialized Property Insurance for Condo Owners

If you own a condominium in California, a regular homeowner policy is too much coverage for you. After all, you don’t own the structure you live in, so you shouldn’t be paying to insure it. Condo insurance is a much better solution and was designed for situations just like yours.

Condo insurance protects all your property inside the unit, including furnishings, appliances, housewares, clothing, electronics, and other personal belongings. This type of policy also covers improvements you’ve made to your condominium, such as new flooring or kitchen cabinetry.

You can easily add extra coverage for valuables like jewelry, furs, precious metals, collectibles, firearms, fine art, and antiques.

Just like with a homeowner policy, your property is covered in the event of fire, storms, most natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. Should your condo become uninhabitable, alternative living expenses will reimburse the cost of living elsewhere while your residence is repaired or reconstructed.

You can choose a policy that offers actual cash value when replacing property, which factors in depreciation due to wear and tear with use, or you can select full replacement cost coverage.

Our Independent Agents Can Tailor Condo Protection Just for You

At Mark Jackson Insurance Agency, our independent agents know how to help California condo owners find the perfect amount of coverage. We’ll talk to you about your premium cost and your deductible, as well as issues related to any HOA agreements you must follow.

Because we’re independent, we have far more options for you than you’ll find with big-name insurance companies. This lets us tailor a policy uniquely for you. It also lets us provide an unparalleled level of personalized service.

Call us at 714-779-2629 to tell us more about your insurance needs for your condo. Or simply reach out online, and we can get a quote started for you today. You will love knowing your investment is covered without paying for more than you need to.