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Umbrella Insurance

from Mark Jackson Insurance Agency

Umbrella Insurance

Extra Liability Protection Where Other Policies Leave Off

If you have a homeowner insurance policy, it provides liability protection. However, it does come with a cap. If someone has an accident on your property and successfully sues you for a large amount of money, your regular policy may not cover the entire amount. You can make up the difference with a personal umbrella policy.

An umbrella policy kicks in where your other policy is capped. It can protect you from losing everything to a slip-and-fall injury or dog bite. People lose their retirement accounts, homes, and businesses every day in the US due to these kinds of lawsuits.

Even if you are a high-net-worth individual with significant savings, an umbrella policy makes sense. In fact, we often recommend umbrella coverage even more for our California clients with sizable assets, as they may become a target for personal injury cases.

We recommend extra umbrella protection for other people as well:

  • Dog owners, especially those with large breeds or multiple pets
  • People who engage in dangerous hobbies
  • Those who own hazardous items, like hunting bows or firearms
  • Property owners who have a lot of visitors to their homes (guests, deliveries, etc.)
  • Auto policyholders who don’t carry high liability coverage

Broad Coverage Even When Traveling Outside the US

One of the advantages of having a personal umbrella policy is it protects you even when you’re away from home. You could be traveling around the globe, and it would cover you and the family members in your household for the same events as it would at your home. It will include coverage for your legal defense fees too.

Don’t wait until an unexpected incident puts your assets at risk. The time to purchase an umbrella policy is before you need it. You will appreciate the peace of mind it brings you.

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